Vans Dawn of the Shred, Cairngorm

April 19, 2010

The Vans Dawn of the Shred on Cairngorm mountain in Scotland this year was amazing! So many people turned up and the weather was perfect, except it was a bit slow because it was 18+ Degrees! Anyway it still went perfect and snowboarding in scotland is so much fun. 

I got to Aviemore on Thursday the 8th April, on the Friday we all went to check out Cairngorm mountain. I was with Jeremy Sladen from TSA who never leaves the ground, Hamish Mcknight, soon to be Dr Ian Thr Ashmore, Rebecca Cullum, Aimee Fuller and Lesley Mckenna, it was such a fun day. I think that day was the most amount of times i have ever jumped over fences :) Also so many challenges set by Hamish, such as ”Who can ollie over the highest fence” well Hamish won that one! So it turned out to be an amazing day.

On Saturday it was the day of the Shred, the weather was even better than Friday and the jump was MASSIVE! Well done Angus Leith for building such an amazing jump, it was so much fun. But in the afternoon it was just so hard to get the speed for the jump, but i still managed to find the speed for my run were i landed a backside 720 double grab which i was pretty happy about :D

There was a lot competing and everyone was having a great day and also riding really well. In the afternoon after the jam session on the jumps there was a rail jam which was also really good, everyone was in there T shirts watching and there was a really good atmosphere. After the rail jam everyone headed down to the Ski-ing Doo in Aviemore where the prize giving was held, i was so happy to come 1st in the mens winning an X box which was well cool, Aimee won the women’s and to check out all the results of the other category’s and the review of the comp go toOnboard



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